Air travel

To think that something so simple as flying through the air was a mere vision just over 100 years ago. Today I often take it for granted. My daughter has already been on 85 flights – before she was 3 1/2; years old! I’ve worked for an airline, both in the air and on the ground. I’ve seen a lot. It’s where I met Monica too. The entire airline industry has helped provide me with a source of income for over seven years, and even longer if you take in the indirect ways like when I’ve worked in hotels. Today, Monica has taken off for PTY leaving me and a little monkey at home to play. I’m grateful that she could take off for some fun with her BFF because that means even more DDDs over the next week.


Indoor toilets

While it might sound strange, I’m grateful for indoor plumbing. When I can go to the bathroom as I please and not have to worry about getting cold (yes, it’s cold outside) that is a huge bonus. I’m sure there are some pretty bad joke opportunities in here, but I’ll leave those for you to put in the comments below. All I know is that having been in some nasty outdoor outhouses growing up, I’ve always been fortunate to never use one, or need to use one, in the winter time. In the early morning cold, that’s a different story. And yes, perhaps even a little crappy.


Daddy Daughter Dates

I am definitely grateful for my daughter. More so though, our “Daddy Daughter Dates” that we end up doing regularly. I put down the technology and disconnect losing myself in the moment and acting like a child – not that that is any different than most days. February 20 was Family Day in Alberta and for the first time EVER I was able to have the day to spend with my Monkey. We hit the Calgary Zoo hoping to check out the new penguin exhibit, but with a 2+ hour line, there was no way we would consider doing it. Plus, we had an important lunch date with mommy at her office.


The internet

This one might seem lame, but I’m grateful for the internet for so many reasons. First and formost it’s clear to me that without the internet I wouldn’t have the job that I have today doing web design and content. That’s a no brainer. It also empowers me to have a voice. A voice on this site, on our Winnipeg Jets site and our podcast about the Winnipeg Jets – to name just a few. I am currently sitting on upwards of 80 different domain names, some of which are simply ideas for projects when I take the time, because we all know that finding time isn’t possible.


Awesome service

Today we went to Without Papers in Inglewood…again. It’s an awesome little joint that has great pizza and even better service. Ava loves to go there because they play movies on the walls and she often gets Finding Nemo playing by request. And then there’s Lucy. She’s a server that has taken the time to get to know Ava, sits with her, talks with her and takes her on a tour of the kitchen. Anyone that cares that much about my kid gets bonus points in my book. When you’re looking for a great new pizza place in Calgary, head to Without Papers and tell them Ava sent you. It’ll be worth the trip for the people that love doing what they do. The food, including gluten free crusts, is just an added bonus.


Dental care

I hate to say it, but today I’m grateful for the dentist. I was at my dentist a few weeks ago for my regular cleaning and have been constantly putting off replacing a filling…more of a crown to be honest with you. I write this before heading in to my appointment this morning at 9 that will cost me plenty out of pocket and is just the first of two appointments.


Receiving love

As I sit here beginning a new category on my site, I feel an immense amount of pressure. This is after all something to be grateful for. It’s the first thing in the category. I truly have so many things in life that I’m already grateful for, yet it would seem nearly impossible to list them all in on post. So I will begin by just putting something down, since getting started is the most important piece.