Receiving love

As I sit here beginning a new category on my site, I feel an immense amount of pressure. This is after all something to be grateful for. It’s the first thing in the category. I truly have so many things in life that I’m already grateful for, yet it would seem nearly impossible to list them all in on post. So I will begin by just putting something down, since getting started is the most important piece.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I did so with a smile on my face. I was dead tired from working late/early/late the previous few days this week but suddenly was over taken by a sense of gratitude and a feeling of love. As Monica lay beside me reading something on her iPhone to turn off her brain, I closed my eyes to the feeling of love in the room and in the house. Ava was in her own bed, but I feel the love from her every day.

I’m grateful for the love in my life. Often it goes unspoken but through many small gestures. As simple as leaving a light on when arriving after a long day of work. Or cleaning or cooking. Or other smaller things that go unnoticed, but without them would make a world of difference. And as I write this, knowing things about my life that few others do, I realize the thing to be grateful about today is that I have the ability to receive love. Love from myself and from others.

Thank you all for the love today. Tomorrow, I will continue to be grateful for love, and also realize something new.


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