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Well it’s definitely been some time since I last put anything in the projects section. There’s no doubt that there have been a lot of different projects on the go. Some have come and died while others haven’t even really started. I’ll take the time to list a few of them here and provide some updates, reasons and direction.

Winnipeg WhiteOut

The end of May 2011 saw the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. What did that mean to me? Well, being a born and raised Winnipegger until moving to Calgary in 2000, the Jets were near and dear to my heart. The idea started with a simple text to my cousin and co-founder Jeff to see if he wanted to make some pocket change on their return. Of course this started a flurry of text messages, emails and phone calls back and forth. Within a 24-hour period was designed, created and receiving traffic. In just the first week we exceeded our bandwidth limitations. On June 5 we almost took down the server with the huge amount of traffic because of a bogus article we posted on the name of the team — keep in mind they weren’t called the Jets yet. It got our site instant recognition and notarity. Some people liked it while others didn’t. To date, this is the most trafficed blog I’ve ever built and we plan to keep it that way.

JET FUEL — a movie for the fans, about the fans, by the fans

With the return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL comes a whole bunch of hockey games. We decided that we were going to take a 2-week long road trip and cover almost 10,000 km of North American highway. Between October 7 & 20, 2011 we drove around catching games in Winnipeg, Chicago and Phoenix talking with fans every stop we could. It’s all of these interviews we collected that we’re going to piece together into a fan documentary about hockey fans and the return of hockey to Winnipeg. This documentary will truly be a Winnipeg Jets fan film, even though all sorts of other team fans will appear in it.

Offside Gear

One of the ideas that came up on our road trip was fan merchandise. In a discussion with a fan I was talking to, the comment came up about licensing from the NHL. I had the forsite to add an Unofficial, Unlicensed, Unbelievable tag line to our JET FUEL jerseys and vehicle wrap. This fan grabbed on to this and said we needed to take it further. To ensure the NHL doesn’t get a single penny from our venture — considering they want to start negotiations at $50,000USD that’s a great thing to hear. He started talking about all these different fan sites he’d run across for his Manchester United craze. In fact, he only ever buys fan merchandise. Not because it costs less, but because it’s truly passionate. We grabbed on to the idea as well once I started talking to the guys about it. In fact driving through Wyoming and Montana on the way home, we came up with over 60 different, unique ideas to produce. So watch out for Offside Gear — the only place you’ll need to shop for your Winnipeg Jets fan merchandise.

Blue Binder

The unique dining review and online food ordering website is still in development. I haven’t abandoned it, but also haven’t really given it much attention. Why? Well there’s really no reason. There are a lot of online ordering and review sites, but none of them do what I think makes Blue Binder a truly unique solution. The thought of being able to order your food online for pickup, delivery or catering isn’t being done in the same way this will. And it makes no sense as to why. Everyone I talk to tells me they have a need for this kind of service. I definitely need to get on it or I might just be telling people about the idea I came up with that I didn’t build — but then I’d be retelling my iTunes story again.


If you know me at all, you know that when I say I love to visit Hawaii, that’s an understatement. I decided to turn my passion for the state and the islands into a site. Well, I haven’t done a lot with it — in fact, I’m still trying to start on it again. I see it as a great spot to book your Hawaii travel as well as get insider secrets to the various islands. Plus, it means that I’ll have to go back and explore some more so that I can constantly add new content. The dream of owning and living in Hawaii is still very much real, but alas it’s also still a dream.


As previously mentioned, this isn’t my site. It’s Monica’s site about deals and fashion finds. There hasn’t been a lot of activity on the site lately, but there has definitely been a lot of talk about it again in recent weeks. In fact, I know that there are a number of posts written and ready to go whenever she feels like starting it up again. We’re talking about a quick re-design/refresh of the site so that it fits a little more with the direction she’s hoping to take it. Of course, I’m not 100% sure of that direction but you can be assured it will be a great site once it’s up and running completely again. In the mean time, feel free to join the Fab4LESS Facebook page for updates and news.


Nothing, and I mean zero, zilch, nada has been done with this. It’s an unfortunate reality that some ideas get out there and just never get done. I believe that this twist on online travel reviews & insider tricks will be a game changer for travel industry professionals. The issue comes down to time and when we actually can have a chance to develop it. It’s all around prioritization.

As you can see there’s definitely no shortage of ideas to help me become the next internet billionaire — but there is a lack of time. I’ll do my best to update this list more regularly as well as some of the other sites out there. In fact when you do want to find me, Twitter is usually the easiest way to track me down. I can also be found blogging about the Winnipeg Jets along with the occasional random post over on and hopefully soon I’ll be restarting a new 8-week challenge.


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