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jQuery functionThe projects section will slowly build up as I begin to showcase a number of projects and ventures that I’m embarking on. Everything from a unique dining review and ordering website to a completely new spin on online travel reviews & insider tricks. Of course based on day-to-day priorities some of them are taking much longer than I had initially hoped. I am happy to say that Fab4Less – an online site dedicated to deals and fashion finds is almost complete and should be completely live in the next few days…but it’s not my website, so that should help it actually launch on time.

I actually have a growing list that I have tagged as my “Million Dollar Ideas” that has no shortage of interesting ventures on it. When I review it, I am consistently reminded I need to turn thought into action as some of the ideas are quickly progressing and being developed by others that will inevitably become the next internet billionaire — even though it’s supposed to be me. There was an idea that Empire Avenue (EAVB_GOPZTLMWGZ) largely developed around making people stock and adding value. I think they’ve done a good job.

So check back to this section regularly and see how my projects are progressing. Of course, that’s in addition to all the other things I’ll be doing here as well.

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Marshall Stevenson is a Director at SPRY. He’s been designing websites since 1995 with a focus on usability. Since 1999 he’s focused heavily on ensuring sites are designed for people and are SEO friendly. Lately he's been spending time on one of the best Winnipeg Jets blogs as an editor and co-founder while also co-hosting the Drunk Hockey Show – a show where friends & guests sit around, drink beer and talk hockey.

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