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You might not know that I currently produce and host two different podcast shows currently. One of them resides here on the next internet billionaire site that I host along with my daughter Ava – it’s aptly named the Daddy Daughter Podcast. It reaches a very small audience. I suspect mainly friends and family that want to hear Ava talk as she’s busy growing up.

The other is what we like to consider the best Winnipeg Jets podcast on the market. Of course, that’s our own claim, but there aren’t really many Winnipeg Jets podcasts out there that I’ve managed to come across.

And the funny thing is, that I want to do a third show. I’m not entirely sure on the topic yet, though I have been batting around some different interview type show ideas…I just haven’t settled on the idea yet. Not to mention, I’ve got a million different balls juggling in the air with current projects. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t start a podcast.

It might be a challenge to come up with the idea, figure out how to make it work, and all those other questions you might have. The first resource I would direct you to is the FREE learn how to podcast video course from Cliff Ravenscraft. If you don’t know Cliff, but are interested in podcasting, you need to know him ASAP. He is the Podcast Answer Man. I guarantee you that you will learn something from him, just by listening to his weekly show.

The other bonus to knowing Cliff right now is that he’s getting ready to start the next session of Podcasting A to Z. Yes, he’s American so it’s zee, not zed like us Canadians say. Don’t worry though, he likes Canadians. I chat with him at least twice a month on the phone through one of his other ventures, the Podcast Mastermind, and that’s worth every dollar!

Back to the Podcasting A to Z. Right now Cliff is offering a special bonus if you head over and sign up for the upcoming session, which starts July 9, 2012. Use the promo code hockey when you register and immediately receive $100 off the registration price. That brings the overall price down to $899 USD (today, that’s only about $920 CAD). On top of that, Cliff emailed me a little bit more about the course.

  • The course will be four weeks in length
  • The final day of the course will be Friday, August 3rd…just in time for our long weekend
  • It includes every single training tutorial that Cliff has ever created
  • It includes FULL-ACCESS to ask Cliff anything, via the online forum, for four full weeks!
  • It includes Four LIVE Group Coaching Conference Calls

There’s over $1000 worth of FREE tutorials alone that he’s giving with the course. I’ve personally gone through most of them and highly recommend them.

Plus I’m going to toss in a bonus to you as well. You likely know that I offer graphic and web design services. If you sign up using my link and promo code of hockey then I will create your custom podcast art for you, for FREE!

That’s a $150 value, for absolutely no cost.

Now if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely thinking this is a bit too sales driven for my site. You might be right, but I have and will only ever recommend things I clearly have had benefit from. Cliff is an upstanding, outstanding guy. If you’ve ever given any thought to starting a podcast, take this course. It will pay you back ten-fold.

Feel free to checkout PodcastingAtoZ.com for full details on what you get.

Go register today, use the promo code hockey and get ready to take on the world!


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Marshall Stevenson is a Director at SPRY. He’s been designing websites since 1995 with a focus on usability. Since 1999 he’s focused heavily on ensuring sites are designed for people and are SEO friendly. Lately he's been spending time on one of the best Winnipeg Jets blogs as an editor and co-founder while also co-hosting the Drunk Hockey Show – a show where friends & guests sit around, drink beer and talk hockey.

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