Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Not to sound too cliché and taking a line from Tesla, but definitely I can say “signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs” in my pursuit of checking things off on my bucket list. Next on the list is going to be another attempt at reality TV. This time, I’ll need a suitable partner in an attempt to make it on to The Amazing Race Canada.

That’s right, CTV — who owns the rights for the American version — has announced that this summer they’ll be airing a Canadian version. And unlike my attempts for Big Brother Canada, this one will be a success.


Big Brother Open Casting Call, an experience

As of about 10:30 am on Sunday, September 30, 2012 I managed to cross off another item from my evolving bucket list. Number 109 is now in the books as I completed my chance to audition for a reality TV show. This time around it was Big Brother Canada. I chose to go to their open casting call in Calgary, currently where I call home. I didn’t really know what to expect, but came in relatively prepared from the different resources I discovered.


Another bucket list item to cross off

I’m unbelievably excited to say that this coming Sunday, September 30,  I’ll get to cross off another item on my bucket list. Item number 109, audition for a reality TV show. There are two shows currently in existence that I would ever apply to participate on. Amazing Race, which sadly isn’t open to Canadians, and Big Brother which is arriving in Canada this winter…well, February 2013 apparently.


It’s time for LABL maker

As you may know I’ve been really trying to determine how to find passion. I can’t say that I’ve entirely found it yet, but have I found some direction for it. And of all things, I fully intend to blame, or actually thank, my mother. It was the auto feed from my previous post that went through to Facebook and she made some comments on it about me needing to get back to music. Then another status update she commented that since I made an awesome cake for my daughters birthday, and was busy making peanut butter cookies with Ava that baking was my passion. I realized that I did those things for Ava, not for me.