Daddy Daughter Podcast: Episode 3

In today’s podcast we talk about going to IKEA for breakfast. If you haven’t gone there for breakfast, we both highly recommend it. From a kids perspective, the food is great. From a parents view point, there’s no better value available for a decent meal. We also touch briefly on the Chipmunk movie that comes out in theatres next week – December 16 to be precise. We argue over who owns the iPad and based on toddler law, clearly it’s Ava. She also says that we should have a house Hawaii, which I gladly agree with. The only things is we don’t have the millions of dollars to by a place. And of course waffles and pancakes make their way in to the conversation as well. This episode is nice and quick and filled with laughter and good times. Enjoy.


Daddy Daughter Podcast: Episode 2

In today’s podcast we talk about red fire trucks, police guys (and their cars) and how Ava hasn’t been in one. For the record I have and it was the front seat voluntarily when in elementary school. Though I’m thinking about asking a cop friend for a ride along in the ‘hood. We mention that mommy is off to Vegas for a conference even as well. Seems like she’s always gone, but she’s not — it’s just when we record. There’s a brief mention of my Pentax Camera, which is actually a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 and is waterproof and shock proof too. She takes some great photos with it. And of course Ava still wants to see Chipmunks. This episode is nice and quick and filled with laughter and good times. Enjoy.


Daddy Daughter Podcast: Episode 1

In today’s podcast we talk about Happy Feet 2 that we saw in theatres as well as The Muppets. This episode is nice and quick and filled with laughter and good times. Enjoy.


The growing list of projects

Well it’s definitely been some time since I last put anything in the projects section. There’s no doubt that there have been a lot of different projects on the go. Some have come and died while others haven’t even really started. I’ll take the time to list a few of them here and provide some updates, reasons and direction.


Doing something is better than doing nothing

I’ve had numerous ideas for a long time about different ways to make some money. Some would say that it is actually annoying that I look to monetize almost every thing in life that I can. I won’t lie, I think it’s annoying too. My quest for money comes from reading things like Rich Dad, Poor Dad – which I actually found tucked in a seat pocket on an airplane. From there I kept buying more and more Robert Kiyosaki books to read, which for me was a revelation since I generally don’t like to read. That was about 6 years ago. Now I find myself doing a lot of reading online.


This page left blank intentionally

This page left blank intentionally.


The Last Original Idea provokes the inner cynic

There’s a saying “you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” This line has stuck with me since I had to debate it in my grade nine English class. At the time I believed there was no truth in the statement. In fact I argued against it. Had I had the chance to read The Last Original Idea at that point in time, there would have been no way I would go against it.


Sometimes the best SEO is executing the fundamentals

It doesn’t surprise me when people want to increase their organic page rankings through the use of search engine optimization. It makes sense. It’s effectively free traffic to your website. What does often amaze me is when there are plenty of talented IT and development individuals behind a website and they neglect, or simply forget, to execute on the fundamentals of SEO. Take a look at the fundamentals of SEO here at Shibga Media and more insights from Local Viking if you are interested in growing your business.

Percent of traffic from search engines


Q&A: Ruud Hein on Ruud Questions

A while back I had a thought to post some interviews on my blog so that I could begin to reach more people and it also gave me something to write about. When the idea came to mind I put a request out to people and got an answer back from Alysson Fergison on her thoughts. She figured I should interview Ruud Hein of Ruud Questions since he himself interviews many SEO industry experts but few people ever interview him. I sent him a quick note and happily got a reply. Enjoy the first entry of Q & A.


SEO Bootcamp with Bruce Clay

This post is so past due it’s not even funny. It’s been just a few weeks since having had the chance to attend Search Engine Land‘s SMX Advanced in Seattle and it was awesome. Not only did I finally get to put real people and faces to their names like getting to chat with Danny Sullivan and of course Rae Hoffman who was great at being friendly and introducing me to others. Thanks for that. Honestly there were so many if I wrote them all it’d probably just look like link bait…so I won’t. It was my first SMX and I must say, I’ll be back. I’m hooked.