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As you may know I’ve been really trying to determine how to find passion. I can’t say that I’ve entirely found it yet, but have I found some direction for it. And of all things, I fully intend to blame, or actually thank, my mother. It was the auto feed from my previous post that went through to Facebook and she made some comments on it about me needing to get back to music. Then another status update she commented that since I made an awesome cake for my daughters birthday, and was busy making peanut butter cookies with Ava that baking was my passion. I realized that I did those things for Ava, not for me.

Then I realized that she’s my passion. I’ve got passion for my daughter. For living life for her and with her.

That’s when it really hit me.

My passion is about experiences. A few days ago I had a conversation with a great friend that I’d rather spend $10,000 on an attempt at a documentary movie and road trip adventure, than on material things. When I look at that number written out like that, it seems big. So I can’t entirely stand by my statement, but I will say that I’d rather spend money and time on experiences and experiencing life, than trying to keep up with the Jones’ (no offense to any of the Jones people I know).

So I sat down and created a Life Adventures, Bucket List (LABL) page. Some of them are totally crazy and some not so much. I’ll admit that I think I’ve actually completed some of them already and will be adding other fun ones that I’ve done as I go along. Have a look at it and let m know what you think.

My plan is to do something on the list, hopefully at minimum once a month. Of course, some of that depends on financial aspects too. As I’m preparing for the experience, doing it and after it, I’ll share with you my thoughts, feelings and reactions. Likely these will be done through an audio podcast, though some video may sneak in as well. And of course, I’ll be sure to expand upon them on this site as well.

There you have it. My passion is living life and experiencing all it has to offer.

Please, feel free to leave a comment below with suggestions of other ideas. No idea is too dumb, or rich, or poor. I’m willing to travel to complete some of the items on the list, and even more happy to travel at your expense (like if you were a corporation looking to sponsor something cool – in which case, contact me).

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your other ideas!


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